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How To Calm an Anxious Dog? | How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Anxious?

How to Calm an Anxious Dog and Reduce Their Anxiety

Anxiety is not only a common trait in humans, but animals can also suffer from anxiety as well. Just with other unhealthy behaviours like barking, biting, or chewing on everything, anxiety can be treated. In more difficult cases, if the anxiety cannot be totally cured, but it can only be managed. Dog owners need to know how to calm an anxious dog efficiently. That’s why in this article we’ll discuss the most common questions about dog anxiety.

What are the most common symptoms of dog anxiety?

Dogs’ anxiety can be expressed in many ways. Heavy breathing, hiding, or shaking are subtle and can be easily missed because they can be normal in other circumstances. More noticeable symptoms include excessive barking, aggression, try to escape, even panic attacks. Such serious cases should not go untreated.

Are some dog breeds more anxious than others?

Yes, dogs of specific breeds are more prone to anxiety than others. German shepherd, vizsla, border collie, cocker spaniel, and Labrador are one of the most anxious dog breeds. Watch out for symptoms anxiety and depression to take action on time.

Is my dog anxious or excited? How to make the difference?

Like many other dog owners, you might be very surprised to realise that what you thought was happy behaviour is actually your dog feeling anxious and overwhelmed. One of your responsibilities as a dog owner is to help your dog achieve and maintain a balanced, calm mindset. Remember, it’s your actions and reactions that can overload a dog’s emotional state. No matter the circumstances, if you act in a calm manner, be sure your dog will do the same.

How to settle an anxious dog and make them feel comfortable?

A combination of preventive strategies, training, and in several cases, medications, is the most effective method of action to help your dog overcome their anxiety. Regular exercise, massage, physical contact, and music therapy are proven ways that help. Your vet can also help you come up with an efficient treatment plan.

Every groomer visit makes my dog crazy. How to cut an anxious dog’s nails?

Long dog nails are a problem, that’s why is necessary to take your dog to trim their nails. However, this experience can be traumatic for your dog to the point of an outright terror. But how to reduce their stress?

An effective method is to leave behind nail clippers and switch to a dog nail grinder. Especially in large dogs, nail clipping is much more difficult due to the size. Properly used, a nail grinder is better for dogs that have developed a fear of the clippers. Before starting using the grinder, make sure your dog is comfortable with it.

Whatever your dog’s cause of anxiety, if you are struggling to find the key to make them calm and overcome what triggers and upsets them, don’t give up. If you think that you cannot handle the situation, the most appropriate solution is to consult your vet or dog trainer.

We have found a great soundtrack below of music that the publisher says will help your furry friend calm down. Hope they enjoy it.

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