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How to Train Your Dog | 6 Easy and Fun Tricks

How to Train Your Dog with Fun: 6 Easy and Playful Dog Tricks

Are you ready to start learning how to train a dog or puppy? Proper socialisation and training are among your dog’s most basic needs. It’s important to start training and teaching your dog as soon as possible.

When most people think of dog training, they think of the basic commands like sit, come, leave it, stay, and more. While these commands are very important for a dog to know, don’t underestimate the benefits of training a doggo to do funny tricks. Let’s find out some of the most entertaining dog tricks!

Dog kisses!

One of the easiest and lovely tricks to teach your furry friend. While not everyone enjoys a wet, doggie kiss, this dog trick can actually help you prevent unwanted licking, and get smooches on demand.

Put a little Woof peanut butter on your cheek and tapping it, tell your dog to “give kisses”. Lean toward the dog and let it do the rest.

Come on, doggie!

Do you feel annoyed when your dog doesn’t come immediately when calling it? See how to train your dog to come. It’s easy; every time you call your dog or whistle, have a treat or a little peanut butter ready to give them when they come back to you.

The recall will help you keep your dog from eating something poisonous, getting attacked by another animal, or running into the street. Furthermore, recalling is vital when going to a dog park or have your dog off-leash.

How to train youur dog | Woof Butter

Rolling dogs

The best way to train your furry buddy to roll over is to teach them to roll over in several small steps and then work to getting the dog to do it all the way. It might take some effort to make it, but it’s well worth it. A very entertaining trick that will also help you teach your dog the next funny trick.

Playing dead

Blow away your friends with this absolutely funny dog trick. You hold your finger like a gun, say “bang” and your dog falls to floor playing dead. Although this trick looks challenging, it’s not as hard as you might think. Tip: if your dog doesn’t lie down on command yet, use the command “roll-over” first and then master it to teach doggie stay motionless when falling to the floor.

Hello, hooman!

Training a dog to wave hello is a fun and quite simple dog trick. It’s very cute to watch attention-getting tricks that will entertain and impress your family and friends. Start by teaching your dog to shake a paw. Then, use the same action to train the dog to lift the paw to wave. As your dog starts to move up the paw to shake your hand, give a treat and repeat the action a few times.

Teaching a dog to heel

Walking is amazingly beneficial for your dog, as well as for you. Dogs are not born knowing the best way to follow you while going on a walk. Teaching your dog to heel will also help to stop it from pulling on the leash. But how to train a dog to heel? To teach your dog this more complex command, make sure that your dog has already mastered commands like sit, come, and stay. Being consistent is the key to success.

Choose a non-distracting, familiar place and get some tasty treats on hand. Call doggie’s name and point to the left side that you want them to walk on. As soon as your dog comes next to you, say “yes” and reward. Repeat and then stop calling them and pointing the side, allowing your dog to willingly come beside you. Give a treat every time your doggie follows your command.

If you have any tips or tricks let us know abuout them.

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